Friday, June 5, 2009

Money Sources for Blogger

Here are some SOURCES OF MONEY for blogger :
  1. Google AdSense
  2. Yahoo Publisher Network
  3. Link Worth
  4. Adster
  5. Adbrite
  6. Bidvertiser
  7. Widgetbucks
  8. Chitika
  9. Text Link Ads
  10. TextAds
  11. BlogAds
  12. Double Click

    Next is a few programs work together to sell products such as books, electronic goods, etc., where bloger will be given a commission when people buy products by clicking from our blog.
  13. Amazon
  14. TTZ Media
  15. Click Bank
  16. Spread Shirt
  17. Link Share
  18. Cafe Press
  19. Sponsor ads - This is how to make money with ads from the advertiser; approximately similiar with ads in print media.

    The form of the ads is banner [such as some banners on the right side of your weblog, and sometimes in the middle of the article] and advertorial [ads shaped article]

  20. Donation - Bloger write a bank account number or its Pay Pal so that readers can donate money. The amount is certainly not limited.

    This is also widely used by bloger from abroad. Usually they write a short sentence at the end of the article, such as, "Buy me a coffee," or "Buy me a beer."
  21. Sponsored Reviews - Bloger be paid when writing an article review in their own blog about the products offered by the client site.
  22. Shvoong - Bloger [and also not bloger] can utilize this site to write articles paying. By writing an article in there, we will be given the amount of royalties depending on how popular any posts are. Topic article is free.

Now, please give me some feedbacks about this post or other ideas about money blogging.


forexwatch said...

Interesting post. Your review of the first 12 source of money will be interesting to read.

alicia27 said...

Great article! Thanks so much for all the links. For a new blogger, like myself, this info is very much appreciated!

Sahabat said...

Thanks Alicia.
Come again next time, hehehe..

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