Monday, June 29, 2009

Traffic Tactics for Blogging

blog trafficBlogging is another way to earn money right now. Coz it easier and anyone can do. If you dont have a blog, you need to get one right away. If you already have one, you need to read my previous post, HERE. If you have already tried, you need to bring Traffic to your Blog.

Please take a look at some trips to increase blog traffic below :

1. Title Tag

Whenever you put a title tag, make sure its relevant to the subject matter, and is not just a random one. You put a title to atract visitors, so ensure that it is short and snappy.
2. Tagging
Tagging is very important. Please visit for this purpose. If you have many tags on your page, then it will show in the search result.

3. Technocrati

Testing Technocrati is really important. You must notify Technocrati whenever you have made a comment on a blog. For this purpose, you will need to ping Technocrati, or else, you may take the help of Ping-o-matic, which automatically alerts Technocrati whenever your comment is posted.

4. Boosting Blog's Visibility

To increase your blog's visibility, it has become clear that commenting on the people's blog is really important too. But a primary a primary concern is that you must comment on a subject which you are comfortable with. You need to search to get across a proper blog where your comment will be appreciated.

5. Rate & Rank

Technocrati can rate and rank your blog, based on the link to the blog. So, your blog will get a higher rank if other blogs link to your blog.

6. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other blogs has also become very important, because others will take a look at your blog automatically (usually) and then give some comments also.

7. Intelligent Linking

If you link things in your blog, then do so in an intelligent manner. Don't link each and every issue you want to, but maintain a fine balance between important topics. Both under-linking, as well as over-linking are not good.

8. Provide answer

Sometimes, your reader asking some question on the comment box. So, you have to provide the answer, to build a good relationship between you and the reader.

9. Sharing Information

The other way to attract visitor to come again in the future is a new information that they can get from your blog. Something Free is better.

10. Good URL

Your blog's URL should be Catchy, Unique, and representing a Keyword.

Now, your turn to give me some comments, hehehe..! Thank You For Visiting...


warung mas karyo said...

wow,....nice info bro....

shalimow said...

thanks infonya bos, semangat terus s[o

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