Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easy Tips to Seek a Dofollow Blog and Shooting a Keyword without spamming.

Do you want your main keyword appear on the first page of Mr.Google?
Or you want to get free backling?
I guess your answer is YES, because that is every blogger's dream.
With your blog appear at the first page of Mr.Google page, opportunity to achieve more traffic is bigger. It means more income from your ads is bigger also...!

Ofcourse without spamming and with alittle bit hard working, haha..!

So, let's check out below..!
dofollow blog

  • Look at the red box, insert your keyword there. For example : Michael Jackson.

dofollow blog

  • After you klick on "search" button, you'll get hundreds to thousands of blogs that are dofollow.
shoot keyword

  • Then, choose one and click it.
    Give your good comment at the comment box of teh blog, remember a good comment, to guarantee your comment not to be deleted by the blog's owner.

    dofollow blog
  1. On the NAME box, enter your keyword
  2. Enter your mail address, don't worry about spaming
  3. Enter your blog address also
  4. And the last, leave your good comment
Finish...! and leave me your comment also, hahaha..!


Edwin said...

Thx for your tips^^, for me it's a new information and it's really helpfull 4 me.

thx for your tips. it's a new and important information for me^^

Sahabat said...

Thanks dude..I'll check yours soon...

Online Casino said...

Hey, Thanks! I tried this ebusiness tool.. I hope it will help me getting some dofollow blogs..

Anuh said...

@Online Casino : Go ahead my friend...

Festival Museum Nusantara said...

postingnya keren-keren

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