Monday, September 21, 2009

9 Tips To Make a Famous and Success Blog

Success blog
How to make a blog Familiar, Famous and Success? That is a classic question especially for a newbie, just like me.
For that, I would like to share some tips that I found in this “Illusion World”, please check below and action :
  1. Make a link to other blogs. Especially to the hight traffic blog which has the similar topics with yours.
  2. Tray to be the first on giving comment. Do this also to the high traffic blog, because your comment will be read by other visitors or commentators. If your comment is attractive and interesting, they will visit your blog, I am sure.
  3. Give a comment to make a relationship. Don’t comment only due to business needed, but give a relax comment, just like talking to your friends.
  4. Allow trackback and link at comment box. One of many reasons to left a comment is to build and to get back link.
  5. Make a review about other blog. The owner of the blog that you reviewd will be very glad. So that, they will visit your blog and drop you comments, to express their thank.
  6. Answer All Comments on your blog. As a blogger, you have to make interaction with other blogger. If you wan to be aloof in that “virtual world”, delete your blog and quit blogging.
  7. Create an “Everlasting” article. It’s mean, your article is not easy to forget and always needed by your readers, and also compatible not only at the certain time.
  8. Maintain relationship with other blogs. Especially the blog which contribute traffic to your blog.
  9. Bookmark their post to the Social Media that you join in. This is the other way to improve and strength your relationship with other bloggers. It’s mean you help them to spread abroad their post.
So, what is your comment for the above tips? Or Do you want to add other tips? I’m waiting for your reaction. ( Sorry for my poor English )


bekasi bersih partisipasi blogger said...

nice info bro.

i take to much link in the comment box. sorry for inconvenient

thank you very much


info yang sangat bagus sekali


keren gan infonya...


info yang sangat bermanfaat sekali...

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