Friday, September 25, 2009

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commentingAdding value to the post to attract people to drop their comment.People who read blogs are for the most part bloggers themselves, which means they understand "blogging games". They tend to congregate within a specific niche or content arena, which is the wheelhouse of your strategic commenting opportunity.

The right audience is there, in the right place, waiting. It’s up to you to carry the right tune once you step on stage.

Because not everyone is there to propagate a self-serving agenda. Many read blogs with a genuine interest and desire to learn. Which is why the nature of your comments have inherent and significant potential.

If you sound like someone who has something to offer, and if you come off as humble and pleasant and sincere, chances are the earnest blog reader – which is precisely the person you want to attract to your site – will click through to you.

And even with the best of results, you’ll only snag a few. It’s a long term strategy, one littered with the remains of tortoise-like commenters who yielded to impatience.

Avoid the “hey nice post” Comments

Someone walks into a party. They look nice. You tell them they look nice. You comment.

This feels good on the receiving end, too. You notice. But that’s all that you do. It isn’t enough to get the polite commenter a first date.

It isn’t enough to post a “Nice post, dude!” comment and expect anyone to click through to your site.

It isn’t a bad thing. It may even be a polite thing. Go for it if “nice post” is what you need to express. Just don’t mistake it for a blogging growth strategy. Because for networking bloggers, “nice post” translates to: not a player.

Don’t Come Off as Overly Contrary
Some people like attention, and to get it they sometimes begin breaking things. A few like to take a contrary position on just about everything, and by airing it out in a comment (going back to our analogy for a moment), it becomes the lamest strategy imaginable for getting asked back or attracting any type of attention other than negative energy.

You can take a stand, but pretend it’s your soon-to-father in law you’re challenging. Be polite, look for ways to be gracious and acknowledge whatever aspect of your target isn’t reprehensible to you.

Everybody likes a self-thinker and a bold advocate. Nobody likes an asshole.(



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