Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Avoid from getting banned from Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an excellent way of earning money through your blog. But we should never ever neglect the various Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense as we might get ourselves banned. If you are seriously want to generate money by Google adsense, ensure yourself to follow the Terms and Condition. Because once your site is banned, there is no option except you start from scratch, you make and submit the new blog/website. Imagine if your blog/website has obtained good position in search engine?

Here are some tips to avoid from getting banned from Google Adsense :
  1. Don't click on your ads: this is the most common mistakes done by people and one of the biggest reason why adsense account gets disabled. No one can fool Google. Google wants to protect the investments of its advertisers and so will never tolerate false clicks.
  2. Don't tell others to click on your ads: never ask anyone to click on your ads. Don't give anyone any incentive to click on your ads. Most people go for click-swapping , which can get you banned from Google.
  3. Don't ever modify Google's Adsense code: Use the code as -it -is. Modifying Adsense code is against Google's policy.
  4. Don't title your ads wrong way : don't label your ads like “Click Here”, “Related Links” as they mislead visitors into thinking that it is not an ads, but it is permitted to label the ads with “Advertisements” or “Sponsored Links”, because the ads is advertisement, isn’t it?
  5. Don't put images next to google ads: never put images next to your google ads. This is a new policy. At the beginning this policy is not exist.
  6. Don't put adsense on sites that have got prohibitive content : such as drugs, pornography, hatred, gambling etc.
  7. Don't create multiple adsense accounts : Google allows only one personal account an one business account. Don't try to fool google by creating different accounts under different names.
  8. Don't enlist your site in any kind of auto-surf or traffic exchange programme : this is against Google’s TOS. So stay clear of it.
  9. Don't exceed the amount of ads you can display on a page : Google only allows 3 Ad blocks, 3 Link to be put on one page.
  10. Don't ever reveal your adsense data : Google doesn’t allow public display of your CTR, Impressions,eCPM etc on forums, eBooks,websites or any other publicly viewable media.

Finally, I hope this short article can help and useful for you.
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Blogger GONDES said...

thanks for your great tips friends

Pembunuhan Dimalam Pengantin said...

Good tips ... I signed up ga .. but always is not approved .. hikhikhik

How To Change your Author Blog said...

how his tips to the approved google adsense ?? I'm sign up ..but isnot aproved

Festival Museum Nusantara said...

postingnya keren-keren


mantaaap.. nice info ^^ thanks


Nice caption and usefull..


keren nih infonya mas, tak cek ah :)

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