Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting Adsense Public Service Ads or Less Relevant Ads?

I have posted about how to Improve Google Adsense Relevancy. Now we will talk about: Why do we get public service announcements adsense (PSA) or less relevant ads ?

There are many reasons why PSA or less targeted ads are being shown. Below is list summary of 5 reasons why Adsense public service announcements (PSA) or less relevant ads are being shown in our webpage.

1. Google crawler has not yet crawled the page

If Google has not yet crawled your the page you will get to see public service ads or ads that are only slightly relevant. It would take up to 48 hours to crawl the pages. The relevance will increase over time.
You get to see PSA or less relevant ads if you have restricted pages using a robots.txt exclusion or your webpages are behind a login.

2. Non-family safe, offensive or unfocused Content

If you page has non-family safe or offensive Content, Google filter can flag their servers to deliver public service ads to a page. If your webpage contains a large amount of unfocused content you may get to see less relevant or PSA ads.

3. Don’t display only Image ads

Show both text and image ads in your pages. Image ad inventory for your content may not be suitable always. At those times, because of less image inventory adsense will display less relevant ads or public service announcements (PSA) on your pages. So, update your preferences to show both text and image ads or implementing an alternate ad.

4. Not enough Text Content

Basically adsense needs content in order to select the ads relevant to that content. If there is no content, no ads.
Adsense crawlers will not not derive meaning from audio, video files, images, Macromedia Flash movies or Java Applets, so make sure to have more text-based content on those pages.
You get to see PSA or less relevant ads if your content is in an unsupported language.

5. AdSense code within an IFRAME

Google adsense target technology is not optimized to serve ads within a separate IFRAME. Make sure you place the content directly in pages, not in the IFRAME. If you do so, your site may display less targeted ads or public service ads.

6. The Language of the sites is not supported by Google.

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