Friday, December 11, 2009

Youtube Caption and Subtitles

Youtube's videos really attractive to be enjoyed. We can watch onlinely or by downloading the videos. But much videos are using language that we couldn't understand. So that now, Youtube gives us the solution. Youtube has enriched it's feature by adding languange translator named Caption / Subtitles.

What is Caption and Subtitles? Caption on Youtube used to show text in the same language with the video's. Meanwhile, Subtitles show text in different language. Now then, the obstacle is here, the language could be translated and text showed by the Subtitle feature only for several languange. Not for all language in the world. In the end, Youtube using a service that has been familiar arround the World. That is Google Translator. It's become Youtube's main gun to translate many languages of the videos.


This new service could be accessed by clicking red CC icon (Caption/Subtitles). Users could drive the cursor to the triangle icon at the right bottom of the video's window. Then drive again the cursor to the arrow icon beside to choose the suitable language with the choosen video. To make it easy to set, please set the initial language to English. Then just click Translate to find out other language translation as you need.


rudytarigan said...

Nice caption and usefull..

abang said...

Jenguk bang anuh ... pa kabar bang

kakara said...

Nice info frenz..
TFS :)

Gravisware said...

mantaaap.. nice info ^^ thanks

Pasaman said...'s a very informative info Man, great and thanks

Dangstars said...

Bang Anuh..
I like your article and all the great tips that are mentioned on it, it has really helped out. Thanks for share the information.
I hope you can visit my blog and give me suggestion.
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Festival Museum Nusantara said...

great articles bang :)

dofollow pr 4 said...

waks.. belom apdet lagi bang Anuh??

Anonymous said...

@Dofollow pr 4 : Iya nih, belakangan ini lagi males, tapi sekarang udah ada apdet terbaru kok..

Anonymous said...

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mantaaap.. nice info ^^ thanks


Nice caption and usefull..


keren nih infonya mas, tak cek ah :)

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