Friday, May 15, 2009

The First Crucial Step in Optimizing Your Site

SEO crucial Yes, keyword analysis plays the most essential part in search engine optimization process. It needs careful and thorough study and research as this will later on lure internet users to your site. Prepare a list of keywords or phrases related to your products or services. Analyze every word you have in the list, find out its related terms and compare which is commonly used by users. You will be surprised to see there are lots of terminologies people are using on a specific word that would mean the same thing in your list. It's better to use different tools available online to know how many are actually searching on a specific keyword or phrase everyday so you would only focus on the popular ones and get rid of the least searchable terms. Ideally, it's not advisable to have bulks of keywords as it will be hard to maintain and deal with them in the future. Just stick to 3 to 5 best profitable keywords.
  • Page URL
Placing keywords in the URL can gain advantage in search engines and can help achieve high ranks in Search engine Results Page (SERP). But this is not advisable to well-established and high-ranked sites. This is only worth considering in creating new page or site. Make sure to make a sensible one by not abusing the keywords. Here's a good tip in creating a domain name: separate words or phrases by a hyphen (-) or underscores (_) and do not write them as a single word as search engine will understand them as one word.

  • Web Page Optimization
Keywords properly placed in your web page will definitely pull you up in SERP. Titles are weighed more than any other else in the HTML code. Place the most important keyword at the beginning of the title followed by the support words. But don't over stuff them. Insert other keywords in your "meta description" and "meta keywords". Make a unique title, descriptions and keywords in every page to avoid conflict with search engines especially when you check on the Google webmaster tool. Your web content should also include keywords in bold, highlighted, emphasized and placed in headers to inform search engines of their importance. Also use keywords in alt image attributes.
  • Off-page Optimization (Inbound Links)
Get links from different site! Web page optimization should be supported by LINKS from other sites. Use your keywords as an anchor text. Search engine loves context clues. It helps search engines informed of what your site is all about. The more links you have from reputable and related sites, the faster you will rank in search engines.


Richard said...

Very informative post, I agree that this are the first crucial step in optimizing a site. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for your next post.

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Sahabat said...

Thanks for your appreciation Richard, come again next time, or share me some articles also, heheheh...

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