Thursday, May 28, 2009

Messi, The Next World's Best Player

Lionel Messi looks brilliant this season, having peak success in bringing Barcelona Champions League win out. Is sign he will become the next world's best players?
Appear since the beginning, the name Messi has been publicized potential to become one of the world's best players. With the tiny size of the body but it has the ball skills of extremes, then he is considered as a perfect reincarnation of Diego Maradona.

Last year he failed to get the best status after defeated by Cristiano Ronaldo, either in France Football or FIFA owned event. But at predawn ( May 28 ) he gone to show who is actually the best under the horizon.

Appear extraordinary along the fight, Messi ended the climax of this season with two goals contributed to the Catalans. His best performance was paid by the status man of the match in a fight that ended 2-0.

That was the ninth goal of Messi on UEFA Champions throughout this season. Goal that reinforces himself as a top skorer, defeated the winner of the last season, Ronaldo, after he just made four goals.

All the above data are enough to Messi to be the candidate of the best player this year. But there were other unique facts that made this 21 years old has already be considered asthe world's best players, even though the event held at the end of the year.

In the last two years, football player that selected as the world's best players is that they strengthen the Champions League winner, and also recorded as the top skorer. The first one who did it is Kaka, after AC Milan been a champion and successfully completed as a top skorer after converting 10 goals.

Ronaldo, last years did the same. Contributed eight goals throughout the competition, The Portugal's Winger standed at the top of the list after The Red Devils vanquished Chelsea through penalty in the final match.

So, if Messi could bring Barca as The Treble Winners of this year, deservedly, the title of world's best players fall into the hands of the 21 years old youth.


From Barcelona said...

Besides being a great player, Messi also carries himself with humility.

Anonymous said...

Messi is much much better than Ronaldo

Anonymous said...

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